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Quintet; Phase I Has Sold Out!

Developers at Quintet are pleased and excited as the sales of both Quintet's Towers A and B of Phase I exceeded expectation, selling out in spectacular fashion. This means the development of Phase II and all it entails, is now well underway.

Phase II will consist of three towers. Both towers C and D in Phase II are similar to Towers A and B, developed in Phase I. The third tower features higher-end finishings and treatments.

The 7,684 sq ft Quintet Presentation Centre certainly helped to facilitate those sales. While, BBA Design was responsible for all the space planning and project coordination, recognition should also go to W.T. Leung Architects, Letterbox Design and Durante Kreuk Ltd. With a project of this size, there is strength in numbers and the end result is truly a symphony of success!

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